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Welcome to the random musings of a book addict. 

Hello all out there in the blogosphere! Welcome to the random musings of a 21 year old book addict. Since being diagnosed with my book addiction I have made no progress towards my recovery. Can I let you in on a secret though? Being cured isn't exactly on my to do list at the moment. I actually don't think it will ever be on my to do list! Why would I want to be cured from such an amazing addiction?! I have since taken to the internet intent on one thing. Meeting other dazzling bloggers with the same addiction as me!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My mind doesn't always seem to fit on one track, and I tend to drift off topic easily. I kinda yell when I read, squeal when I get too excited, oh, and jump up and down when I can't contain my emotions. Some people call me odd, I say I'm eccentric. I don't mind being the only one of my friends who freak out over a book romance or a swoon-worthy scene, they are the ones who are missing out. I am pretty sure when I start fan-girling over a book people tend to walk slowly away from me. I promise, I won't harm you! Well unless you try and take my book away, then watch out! I am not responsible for my actions at that point and you may get a broken hand at the end of the ordeal. [:

I hope to meet all of you in the coming months and I especially hope you all like what I have to say about my addiction, because, it pretty much fuels my soul. It is such a pity that no one else sees it like we do. Because life is just so much better in the pages, and some people will just never figure it out. See you in the pages. [:

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