Review Policy/Contact Me

Currently, I have only been reading books that I have bought or books that I have borrowed from others. However, I am very much open to requests and would be happy to review books from authors and publishers. Are you an Indie author or self-published? I would be more than happy to take your requests too!

Genres I Adore:
New Adult, Chick-Lit, YA and Adult Contemporary, YA Romance, and Erotic Romance. While I love a good erotica book, please please please make sure your book has romance in it, I don't dig reading solely sex books.

What you can expect from my review:
I read for pure enjoyment! Entertainment is what I get out of books so when I review you will get my feelings about the book. I must warn you, I tend to fall head over heels for fictional boys and that may mean some major fan-girling and swooning will be part of your review, but that is just how I review. It is very rare that I come across a book I don't like and I don't think I have ever not finished a book. But, if something just doesn't click with your book, I can't promise a good review. I write what I feel and want my readers to have an honest review. I also do spoiler free reviews.

Formats Accepted:
Bound Books
eBooks (any format but I prefer PDF or ePUB)

Reviews Posted At:
Dreaming In The Pages [blog]
@ShawnaLeAnn [twitter]
ShawnaLeAnn [Dreaming In The Pages] [goodreads]
{Please note, that only the link back to my blog will be posted to twitter}

I am open for cover reveals, book tours, and author interviews.

Contact Me:
Still interested? Drop me an e-mail at:
I will contact you within 72 hours of receiving the e-mail if I am interested.

FTC Guidlines:
In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, I'd like everyone to know that the books featured /discussed on my blog were either provided by the publisher/ author for free OR were purchased by me.
The book's price DOES NOT influence my opinion of the book/author. I also do not get any type of rembursment for the review I supply.
Thank you!