Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday [13]

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking The Spine. Each Wednesday we pick a book that we can't wait to get our paws on and share it with the rest of you!

This weeks pick jumped out at me the moment I saw it. Living in Kansas and all I am no stranger to Storm Chasing, and there is the whole thing about her family problems that I no doubt understand. Anyway, here is my Waiting on Wednesday pick this week!
 The Waiting Sky
Lara Zielin
Release Date: August 2nd 2012
One summer chasing tornadoes could finally change Jane's life for the better

Seventeen-year-old Jane McAllister can't quite admit her mother's alcoholism is spiraling dangerously out of control until she drives drunk, nearly killing them and Jane's best friend.

Jane has only one place to turn: her older brother Ethan, who left the problems at home years ago for college. A summer with him and his tornado-chasing buddies may just provide the time and space Jane needs to figure out her life and whether it still includes her mother. But she struggles with her anger at Ethan for leaving home and feels guilty--is she also abandoning her mom just when she needs Jane most? The carefree trip turned journey of self-discovery quickly becomes more than Jane bargained for, especially when the devilishly handsome Max steps into the picture.

:Why I Can't Wait:

Like I said, living in Kansas I am no stranger to chasing tornadoes and there is the fact that this cover is just so brilliant that I can't help but to be drawn to it. I also was drawn to the fact that her mother has an extreme problem and almost ended up ending her daughters life, so she left and is now staying with her brother who already fled their mother and her problems. I feel like being able to relate to a book going in can always be a good thing in the end. The whole should she be there to help her mother, or should she get away so she has a chance for herself in a healthy environment....but other than that...there is also a boy named Max that steps into the picture. Ah swoon. A storm chasing friend of her brothers I am guessing and I can not wait to see how it unfolds.

Storm chasing, boy chasing, and overcoming a family problem that feels like it can suck you in and never let you go.
I am so there.
✸✸✸✸ ✸✸✸✸ ✸✸✸✸ ✸✸✸✸
I love this cover folks, and you know how I get with covers I love! I want to read and devour it right away. This book looks right up my alley [Ha get it...Tornado Alley...bahahaha I crack myself up] and I am looking forward to August for my chance to read it. Click on the cover or the goodreads link after the description to add this beauty to your goodreads list today!

Do you have a book you can't get off your mind?! Leave me your own Waiting on Wednesday link or just comment below and let me know. I can't wait to see what caught your eye this week.


  1. This one sounds really amazing! Great pick! Already added it to my to-read pile =D

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  2. Ooooh that one looks so good! I love that cover too! Great pick :)

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  3. Ha, that cover is so made of win! At first I was like "What is that in that jar? O.O" :D

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  4. i sooo want this1/been saying that a lot 2day lol


  5. That cover is amazing. Is that a tornado in that jar? O_O
    Great pick!

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  6. I love this cover and I might just check it out based on that alone lol.

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