Sunday, July 8, 2012

Coming back...With a new look on blogging.

Hello all you wonderful bloggers/readers out there.

I have a feeling some of you may be a bit taken aback at seeing me blogging again, since I have been gone since about May or so. I feel like before tomorrows cover reveal for Toni Aleo's third book Empty Net goes up I should give you guys a bit of an update. Really...just explaining why I stopped and just dropped off the face of the blogosphere.

Blogging became too much too fast for me. I got all excited and took on all these books and got overwhelmed, and when I found out I was expecting my 2nd child it just added on to my brain being overloaded [and so stinking tired!] After taking a step back from blogging and finding my love of reading again I have come to miss my connections with all of you. Reviews felt like a chore and now, since I have stopped reviewing, I have felt a big old giant hole in my soul for not being able to get my crazy and heart stopping thoughts out of my head for a book that made me fall head over heels. I have missed fangirling over a swoon-worthy stud or freaking out over a story that I just KNEW you all had to read. So I have decided to come back, but with a bit different outlook on how I want to run my blog.

One of the things I missed the most when I got overwhelmed with review books was being able to read the book I want, when I want. So that being said, I have decided to tweak my review policy and take on WAY less books for review. I will probably end up doing less of the weekly meme's also. Some of them I really enjoy and I will do them off and on, but not killing myself to find a book to fit. Now, I realize that I may not be posting everyday, but I still feel like I will have something to offer you guys and a way to get out all of my book rants I have been holding in.

If you are reading this my followers, thanks for sticking by me in my long absence and I hope you stick around for what I have to offer now. I have missed all of you and most of all I have missed the giant network of book friends I have acquired. You guys are all amazing and I can't wait to start making the connections with all of you again.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and don't forget to come back here tomorrow for the cover reveal of Empty Net [Assassins #3] by Toni Aleo. Let me tell you, missing it is not something you want to do.
; ]


  1. Hello! Welcome back my friend :) I know what you mean. I've stopped taking books for reviews. I was getting so overwhelmed I couldn't focus on my own work or read anything that I chose. I still have a couple to do left, but I'm working my way through! I'm glad your back. I'm doing the reveal too :)

  2. I'm so glad you are coming back!! yehaw! can't wait for you to review Empty Net :)

  3. I've missed you! Congrats on the baby. I think your outlook is perfect. Welcome back!

  4. im so glad to see you back!!! i totally missed you!!!