Thursday, March 8, 2012

Follow Friday [9]

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Every week there is a new question to answer and new bloggers to meet! There is also a different blog featured every week and this weeks featured blog is Hesperia Loves Books, so don't forget to head over there and check it out!

:This Weeks Question Is:

Have you ever looked at book’s cover and thought, This is going to horrible? But, was instead pleasantly surprised? Show us the cover and tell us about the book.

Why yes, yes I have. I mean honestly, who hasn't had at least one book like that?! There are a lot of books out there and, as a big indie author fan, you come across a lot of digitally done covers. This comes to no surprise because well, you have to hire people! Covers cost money! But usually, there is always a pleasant surprise behind them.

These are two of the BEST books I read last year, but I am not going to lie, when I saw the covers I was NOT sure about them at all. But, since I just got done reading Thoughtless and Effortless by this same author I KNEW something amazing had to be behind those covers. And you know what? I was SO right. S.C. Stephens never ceases to amazing me and I ALWAYS know I will love her books once I crack them open. It just goes to show you, you can never judge a book by its cover, no matter how much we like to.
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Now, if you have not heard of these books, or S.C. Stephens for that matter click on these covers and go add them to your goodreads shelf!! I am telling you, once you read on S.C. book, you will want to read them all.

What book covers made you squint your eyes but in the end had your singing its praises? Leave your own Follow Friday link or just comment below and let me know!

Happy Friday all!


  1. yes i know!!!! i have mad love for SC but the covers could use some work!!!! great post love!! i really want to read more of her books but have a hard time finding them!!!! gah!!


  2. Hopping through. I've never heard of these books. The covers definitely aren't great.
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  3. Oh wow they aren't great but obviously they are hiding a good story. Such a pity since it's the first thing we see.

    Old follower :)

    Book Enslaved

  4. That's a lovely blog you've got here :) Feels cozy :)

    I agree with you that digital covers sometimes aren't all that good, but mostly the covers are much better than what's inside them.

    New GFC follower :)

    Here's my #FF .

  5. Definitely agree that the covers aren't great. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am an old follower!

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Followed you back!

    Good choices on your covers ;-)


  7. Great answers! Those aren't really eye-catching covers. New follower here :)
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  8. I love your answer! You kinda right and I felt the same way about Conversion 2 and 3 covers, but they turned out to be awesome!

  9. I've never read any of S.C.'s books before, I'll have to check them out! Great choices! Thanks for stopping by, you deserve a "Follower Award", although I don't know that they exist, because you a good one! lol. I always appreciate your comments :) Have a good weekend!