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Review: My Only by Sophia Duane

My Only
Sophia Duane
Published by: The Writer's Coffee Shop
Release Date: March 8th 2012
( The Writer's Coffee Shop / Goodreads )
Shy, awkward Adam is resigned to sit on the sidelines of life, overshadowed by his outgoing and popular twin brother, Aaron. Adam James’ life is far from perfect. A deeply internal person, Adam is silently confused about his lot in life, including life after high school. A talented drummer from a small suburb of Chicago, Adam keeps to himself, downplaying his abilities, thinking that he is less than all those around him. By living a life of moderate isolation coupled with his ambivalence toward most people, he is unable to gain new perspectives on himself.

But when a free spirited new girl with a troubled past moves in across the street, Adam's eyes are opened to a new world of possibilities. Olivia Cartwright is a fun loving, beautiful girl whose philosophies on life give her a deeper understanding of the world around her. Previously living a semi-nomadic life, Olivia is out of her element in the quiet, slow-moving suburb of Lakeside, Illinois. An instant connection between Adam and Olivia draws them closer, but why would anyone choose him when a better version exists? What will happen when Adam’s outgoing twin Aaron takes an interest in Olivia as well?

Adam has a choice to make: Keep his relationship with Olivia merely friends or fight to take it further, keep safely within the dormant cocoon he’s lived in for years or find and cultivate all of his good qualities. Which will he choose?

Will the friendship with Olivia change him? Will he adopt her philosophies, or will he continue to close himself off in his own world? It seems Adam has a lot to learn about love....and life.
*An eARC was provided to me by the publisher for review purposes.*

If I told you that I was pleasantly surprised by this book I would be lying. I was blow away by my first Sophia Duane book and had to use more than a few tissues to control my stream of tears. Since I went into this book only reading the synopsis and no reviews I wasn’t sure what I would get. But once I flipped the last page, I can tell you that I got one the most bittersweet stories I have ever had the privilege of reading. Now since I immensely enjoyed this book, I want to offer you the same privilege.  As in, I will not go into incredibly detail as to why I love this book so much, I just hope you can get a feel of this wonderful story and choose to read it yourselves. 

This is a very personal emotional journey for Adam [our MC]. He is the youngest [by only a few minutes] to his twin Aaron and lacking in the conversational talent that his brother so easily has. Adam is more of an introverted band ‘geek’ who likes to keep to himself and stay off the radar of anyone in the halls of his high school. These two twins couldn’t be further from each other as far as social status come, but as brothers they are as close as conjoined twins. Always knowing when the other is down or hurt and always being able to confide in one another. But when the spirited and bold Olivia moves next door, everything between them changes. Fate is never fair. Nor are two brothers with a crush.

Okay, so that is a fair summary, I could add a trillion things to it spice it up but PEOPLE! This book kept me on my toes the ENTIRE time. I thank that largely to the fact that I didn’t read any reviews going into this. I want you to feel that crush build in your heart, the blood boiling under your skin with rage, and most of all I want you to feel the gut wrenching pain that is falling in love. Yes pain, because love isn’t always pretty and it defiantly doesn’t always have a happy ending. But it helps you grow, pushes you, and sometimes you end up finding yourself in the aftermath.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE this book. Sophia Duane is an amazing author capable of bringing out every emotion in you and then some. This was also Sophia’s first Young Adult book and she pulled it off flawlessly. Somewhere between the infectious characters and the shocking, jaw dropping craziness that is this ending I fell in love. With the characters, with the story, with the message, and most of all, I fell in love with the epilogue. I just want you all to know, I have a new author on my favorite list. If you are looking for an emotional journey with a pit stop in angst then you need to pick up My Only by Sophia Duane. Oh, and don’t forget your box of tissues.

Four Bittersweet Stars
[Please excuse my heart. It is trying to mend itself.]
✴✴✴✴ ✴✴✴✴ ✴✴✴✴ ✴✴✴✴
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  1. I read through the synopsis, and I wasn't totally convinced by it. But after reading your review, I definitely want to! It's kind of been a while since I read more of an emotional read [I think my last one was Hallowed], so I think I'll put this on my TBR. Thank you for the great review!

    -Aneeqah @ The Brain Lair

  2. Thank you for recommending this book to me! I adored it and was totally unprepared for the emotional impact. Excellent read and great review!