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My Only Blog Tour [Guest Post] by Sophia Duane

It is my pleasure to welcome and host author, Sophia Duane, as a guest on my blog today. She is going to talk about how the transition from Adult novels to YA went for her and how sometimes, you don't even notice who you are writing for until it is all said and done.

:Adult to YA:

The shift between the adult and young adult was an easy transition. It was also not a conscious decision. When writing a story, I think very little in regards to genre until it is completed. After completing Ghosts of Our Pasts, I began to think of the next project. My Only was a novel I’d been quietly developing for a little bit, so it seemed like the most natural project to green light.

When I wrote it, I didn’t pay attention to language until I realized the story was more suited to young adults than anyone else. Then during the revision process, I took out any off-color words that were inappropriate for young people to use or read. Other than that, the transition was seamless. Well, at least I think it was.
It will be interesting to see how readers respond to it, given the shift in genre. I read a lot of Young Adult novels, so I hope that I’ve captured some of what I love about them. The best Young Adult authors don’t talk down to their readers; they craft highly emotional novels in which teenagers and twenty-somethings alike can explore and connect.

With My Only, my main concern was building a relationship between people who may seem so different on the outside, but are really interested in the same things. Olivia and Adam are both on a journey of discovery, they are just in different stages when they meet. Adam is stable and Olivia is drawn to him because of it. She is a vibrant free-spirit who possesses some deeper understanding of the world around her, and Adam is pulled to that understanding.

World-view and philosophy is something that people of the characters ages do quite a bit. When I was young, it was during my high school years that I developed my sense of my place in the world. I was drawn out of my smaller realm of family and friends and thrust into the larger landscape of what was going on in the world. Like me, Adam’s new world grows when he meets the girl across the street.

Olivia has lived a somewhat nomadic life and given experiences sheltered Adam had never even imagined. In bringing them together, my hope was to show how a friendship can change a person’s perspective. Sometimes the change can be difficult and painful, but it usually leads to something beautiful. 

Young Adult readers are very savvy these days. They see through phony relationships and plot devices in order to find the heart of the story. It is my hope that they see the heart of Adam and Olivia and can take away some part – whether big or small – of either character’s philosophy on life. Or, better yet, further develop their own.

Sophia Duane is a thirty-something writer from the heartland of America. She grew up telling stories and creating characters to pass the time. She enjoys books, movies, music, and yoga. An avid lover of history, art, and people-watching, she is interested in the study what makes people tick.
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