Friday, January 13, 2012

Follow Friday [2]

Follow Friday is something I am very excited to be doing, since you know, I am kinda new and all. [: It is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Every week there is a new question to answer and new bloggers to meet! There is also a different blog featured every week! This weeks featured blog is Badass Book Reviews, so don't forget to head over there and check it out!

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This weeks question is.....

Many readers/bloggers are also big music fans. Tell us about a few of your favorite bands/singers that we should listen to in 2012.

Yippy!!! I kind of LOVE this question. I have been wanting to post something on my page about music for some time and this is the perfect opportunity to do it! I listen to TONS of music while I read. If I am on my nook, I am plugged into Pandora, when I am reading a book my headphones are in my phone and whenever I am on the computer Spotify is up and running. It fuels my reading binges people!!! There is really too many to list, so I will just go with a few people who dominate my playlist more than others. In no particular order!

Damien Rice
Snow Patrol
Christina Perri
Civil Twilight
Death Cab for Cutie
Florence + The Machine
Iron and Wine
Katie Herzig
Mumford & Sons

Gosh there are just so many more but it could take all day!!! So I guess I will kinda cut it there but I would love to see who fuels your reading!! Leave your own Follow Friday link or just comment and let me know, because I know most of you jam out while you read. [:


  1. Gosh, I am obsessed with Florence and the Machine. It's the perfect music to write to. I can do battle scenes, depressing scenes, love scenes . . . just about anything. Great list of tunes :)

    Twenty Something Fiction Writer
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  2. Great answers :) I can so relate to you with Coldplay! I like to listen to music all the time too! I'm a new follower and thanks for the comment on my answer :)

  3. Hopping through. I didn't think of Damien Rice. I love his song 9 Crimes.
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  4. I love Adele and Snow Patrol. I really love some songs by Christina Perri, but I haven't heard that many

    New follower

  5. Great picks! Adele and Christina Perri made it to my list as well. Happy Friday!

    New follower,
    Sarah @ Smitten over Books
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  6. Oh I love Snow Patrol. I totally forgot them. I could listen to Run all day long!

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  7. I forgot about Adele! Love her too.

    Thanks for visiting!

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  8. Great list there, all good choices! Thanks for stopping by my FF! Book Savvy Babe’s FF

  9. Good good good collection!!! I love Florence, Death Cab, and Mumford!

    Here's my FF: Goldilox's FF

  10. Coldplay and Snow Patrol are simply amazing! I'm surprised how many people've recommended Mumford & Sons... have to check them out this year (:

    Hikari @ Imaginary Reads

  11. Loads of people have said Iron and Wine; I will have to check them out :3 new follower

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