Thursday, January 26, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

So this wonderfully marvelous chick, Victoria, over at Confessions of a Twenty Something Fiction Writer nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award!

Thank you SO much Victoria! I am all flattered and such!  [:

Now, since I got nominated for this award, it is my turn to nominate 5 blogs with 200 followers or less! I really love that I got nominated for this because it is an awesome way to meet new up and coming bloggers and show you guys who I love to follow. So, here we go! In no particular order mind you....

The Nominees Are...

-Megan at Between The Lines-
I love this chick. She was one of my first followers and I can talk to her ALL day if we are left to it. I love her blog because she is a huge YA junkie like myself and has some pretty awesome reviews. If I am not stalking her blog, I am stalking her goodreads. So make sure to go stalk her too. She use to have a twitter, but I was just too distracting for her ;]

-Autumn at The Autumn Review-
How could I not mention with gal? She is crazy about the same books as me and she always has awesome recommendations [reviews, memes, pretty much everything!] I check her out everyday to see what she has to say. If you are a Ya or Adult romance reader, you need to check her out!

I met this gal when I first started my blog. Then I saw how awesome she was and that she loved YA. Not to mention she is a Hunger Games fan! Her reviews are great and she is a teacher! How awesome is that?

-Tabby at Insightful Minds-
I must admit, I have a bit of a steamy saucy side when it comes to books. This gal definitely feeds that. She has some amazing reviews and recommendations for Adult reads and I feel like I am always checking out her blog.

I really fell for this blog because of the background, yeah, I know, it's like judging a book by its cover...but I did! Her blogs super cuteness drew me in while her reviews kept me around. I make sure to check her out every day to see what she has been up to...maybe you should too...[:

Now, if you didn't catch the hint above, you should check all of these guys out! I love them, so you probably will too. [: Can I just give one more HUGE thank you to Victoria? I was so shocked to be on her list you have no idea! I am honored and surprised people actually read what I write. Accumulating all these new followers and friends is so much more than I expected when I started this blog. Thank you all so much!


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  2. Aw thanks!! My first award. *throws confetti*

    And I so did not get rid of Twitter because of you!! All the hours that I spent reading tweets... it was a lot. It was so addicting so I had to step back. LOL

  3. You're so sweet! I always make sure I see what you're up to too!

  4. You are quite awesome hun :) I find myself on your blog alot too! (:

  5. All you ladies are so very welcome! I love your sites. [:


  6. Congrats Shawna!!! And thank you so much for nominating me!!! I feel special now :) You're the best!

  7. You deserve this! Great sites :) And thanks for the love!!!