Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday [2]

Shelf Candy Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by Five Alarm Books and I chose to do it so I could brighten up my Saturdays! Every Saturday, bloggers get to post a cover that has really caught their eye over the week for everyone else to see. It is a great way to find some new books to be put on your to be read or just admire the wonderful covers that are already on there. Judging a book by it's cover has never been so fun. [:

This week I wasn't sure what cover to do. Like really, there are so many pretty covers out there!! My Waiting On Wednesday post had one hell of a great shelf candy on it, but I didn't want to use that again. So, surprizingly last night I got approved for a book on NetGalley that I have been looking at for days so I decided that it was perfect for my shelf candy! So, I give you all my Shelf Candy for this Saturday!

Lies Beneath
Anne Greenwood Brown

Why It Is Shelf Candy:
Uhm why would this NOT be shelf candy?! Maybe I am just a sucker for water since I love to swim but seriously. I LOVE that you can see the reflection of her red pants[?] on the surface of the water. It just reminds me of when I was little and I would just hover right underneath the water so it was like I was looking into a mirror. I mean who didn't do that right?! Right?! Also books about mermaids are always a blast to read! Especially when these mermaids are a bit evil and kill their prey to absorb their energy! Also, the rays of sun that do make it past the water, just gah! I love it. If you haven't checked this book out you should definitely do so!! Go add it on your to be read list from Goodreads now! Here, I will even give you the link. Check It Out!!!
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So, do you have any shelf candy this Saturday? Leave your own Shelf Candy Saturday link or just drop me a comment letting me know who your pick for shelf candy is this week. I would love to see what caught your eye this week. [:


  1. This is a gorgeous cover!! I'm so curious about this book now. I'm going to have to get on Netgalley right away and find it! Great post. Here's my Shelf Candy if you want to stop by!

    1. I agree! I'm very curious about this book! I love mermaid books also and I'm interested in the twist on them being a little evil... When I first saw the cover I definitely thought it was blood on the water! This cover is awesome! Thanks for the shelf candy!
      Stephanie @Steph's Book Corner

  2. THat cover looks so good! It seems like a lot of books have been going for the girl-under-water theme, but I don't blame them! Great pick and thanks for stopping by my Shelf Candy :)

  3. Yes, why wouldn't this be shelf candy? It is amazing. I just received this for review through Netgalley but am dying to see the finished product in person. Gorgeous!

  4. This one looks really good!!! I haven't read a lot of books about vampires which is why I REALLY want to read this one :) I will definitely be grabbing it!!! Great pick!


  5. Wow! I was just telling someone today i wanted to read a good mermaid book! I will definitely check this out and yes, the cover is definitely shelf candy!!!

  6. Gosh, I LOVE this cover!! I'm a sucker for mermaid books, too! The composition on this particular cover is nothing short of STUNNING. It's just so dynamic. You can get the feel of her jumping into the water, and heading down to the bottom. The rays of sunlight, the reflection...everything you wrote is so true!! TERRIFIC choice!!

    Maria @

  7. Great choice! I love this cover! I really wanted to know more about it when I first saw it! Can't wait for this to come out!