Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: Me[at] by KE Payne
Published by: Bold Stroke Books
By: KE Payne
Release Date: January 27th 2012

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never met? Imogen Summers thinks so – because it’s happened to her.

Immy is a normal 18 year old, with a normal life, a normal family and a normal boyfriend. But when she finds herself falling for a girl on an internet message board, a girl she knows only as the mysterious Fickle, her so-called normal life is suddenly turned on its head.

As her relationship with Fickle develops into more than just friendship, Immy finds another message board friend, the sweet and lovely Joey, the perfect person to confide in. But can Joey stay out of it when she starts to fall for Immy herself? Things are about to get complicated...

*An eGalley was provided to me by Bold Stroke Books for review purposes*

Internet romance. In this day and age it is nothing we haven't seen before. The same goes for internet messages boards for our favorite shows, we have all been there and done that and well, to be honest, we all still do it. When you don't feel like anyone else knows you, there is someone out there on web that does. So when 18 year old Imogen [or Immy for short] grows attached to a new show that highlights a romance between two women she takes to a fan message board for Lovers & Sinners, hoping to meet others with the same love of the show she has. It has nothing to do with her fancying the two main women on the show, I mean, you can't be into a girl when you are so obviously straight right? Even if Immy doesn't feel much when she is with Matt[her emo band boyfriend], her best friends Beth and Emily don't let her forget what a catch he is, she should totally be head over heels for him. Every girl is.

So why does Immy start to question everything once she meets Fickle on the boards and starts chating over MSN with her? Why is she getting feelings she doesn't even get from Matt when Fickle starts flirting with her? Questioning her own sexuality Immy confides in another girl she has gotten closer to from the message boards named Joey. Figuring out she might not even be straight Immy is left with a choice. Stick to what is expected, or take a huge leap into the unknown. But Immy is about to find out that not all risks are so great and sometimes you end up finding yourself in the most unexpected of places.
**** **** **** ****

This is one of those books that just instantly caught my eye while browsing around goodreads one night. Lucky for me I found it on NetGalley and got approved to read it and was ready to jump into it as soon as I downloaded it. I didn't know what to expect from it but as soon as I started it I hit one roadblock. Be ready for some major British slang! Now, at first, I had no idea what the heck some of the sayings were. As the story progressed I pretty much had it figured out and it became very endearing and I actually enjoyed it. I am so use to reading American writers that sometimes it is nice to get a taste of something I am not use to, and it kinda rubbed off on me. It really helped set the story and more so, helped me envision my characters and setting that much more.

The characters in this book were nothing short of amazing. I loved the leading lady Immy and her best friends Emily and Beth. Immy was one of those characters that you just get behind and she went through so many questions and nerve wracking experiences and I felt it along with her. You get to see not only Immy grow into herself, but you get to see her build her relationship up with her friends, who are so welcoming to Immy finding herself. Then you have the two internet ladies that catch Immy in a whirlwind. Fickle, well, is fickle and the biggest flirt you will ever see. While Joey is the most lovable person ever, and she never failed to make me smile. But I have to say, the one thing that really did it for me in this book was how it was narrated.

You are solely in Immy's head, yet a lot of the dialog in this book is in the form of MSN messages. Now, I was a huge MSN messenger fan back in the day and it made the book move that much faster for me. The over the top flirting Fickle pulls is more believable in that sense and the growing relationships with Joey over MSN just clicks more. Most people are freaked about meeting people online but this book shows that sometimes you can create a stronger relationship starting off online than you could in person and with this situation of Immy finding out she isn't straight, it helped her become more comfortable in her own skin with help from others who have been through the same thing. It just shows that there is support out there from people who have had the same problems, you just have to reach out.

This book really grabbed my heart and I was so glad that the ending tied up happily, because that is all I wanted for Immy throughout this whole book. Watching a woman who never felt like she was right finding out that she just never discovered who she truly was, it kinda took my breath away. There is nothing better than reading something that empowers young people everywhere to embrace their true selves, because being happy is the most important thing to have in life.This book fell together perfectly and Immy's journey was one I will read over and over. I know I will be keeping a look out for more books by KE Payne in the future, she is brilliant, and now I know all this awesome British slang. [:

Four Fabulous Stars
[Made my heart soar]

**** **** **** ****
Does this book look like something you would be interested in? I am telling you now, keep a look out for it! It is a great read, and one that you can't put down once you pick it up, you have been warned! [:


  1. Great review and yeah for English authors! E.L. James is one you know :) This seems like quite an interesting story. I will definitely watch out and see the buzz it starts to get. Did it recently come out?

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  2. Yes I know, and I LOVE her! This book just brings a whole new British slang into view, it is crazy! It will come out the 27th of this month and it is way better than I thought it was going to be. This is the first book I have read in a few months that completely held my attention and I did not want to put it down. Totally keep your eye out for it. [: