Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fairy Metal Thunder Giveaway Winner!!

Yippy!! It is that time folks. You know, time to let you all know who won the Fairy Metal Thunder ebook copy! But before we go all confetti crazy up in here, I just wanted to tell you all


For being so amazing and entering and commenting and following and anything else you may do that i am unaware of! You all freaking rock! Okay, now, for what you all have been waiting for! 
 **** **** **** ****
The winner of the Fairy Metal Thunder eBook copy is....

Shana from Sizzling Reads

*throws confetti* *twirls* *does a little jig*

Congratulations Shana! There is an e-mail coming your way so watch out for it!
**** **** **** ****
Now, to all of you who entered and did not win, don't despair! There will be PLENTY of giveaways coming your way! Speaking of soon as I hit 400 followers watch out!
; ]

Thank you again to everyone who entered and have a fantabulous rest of the week!

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