Monday, February 20, 2012

Musing Mondays [7]

It is that time again folks! Monday rolling around means that it is time for another fun edition of Musing Monday. Musing Monday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB from over at Should Be Reading. Each week there is a new book related question asked and we get to respond with witty remarks, or you know, regular ones... Either way, it is a great way to meet some new friends and find some new blogs worth following. [:

This Weeks Question Asks...

What is the last book that you learned something from? What book was it, and what did it teach you?

Awesome question, not so easy to answer! I don't read too many teachy books BUT even though I don't doesn't mean I don't learn from the books I read. I would have to say the last book I read that really taught me something was The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. That book had me beside myself in grief and sorrow and it really just stayed with me. It taught me to look at my life differently and to see what kind of mark I can leave behind once I am gone one day. If you haven't read this book, I HIGHLY recommend it. But be ready for some major water works people. Major.
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What about all of you? Is there a book that has taught you something recently? Leave me your own Musing Mondays link or just comment below and let me know! Happy Monday all. ;]


  1. Sounds like a powerful read :)

  2. A beautiful book and a beautiful lesson(:


  3. I also think you can learn something from just about anything you read. Reading would be boring, otherwise, right? I'm actually in the middle of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, and am learning tons about DC history... even though I totally didn't think of that when I was writing my post. Heh.

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  4. i still need to read that book!!! i really want to and im in a mood for a good cry book but there is just so much to read!!!
    i think the last book i read that tought me something was Twenties Girl and also Before I Fall. they both gave me the same message and that was life life to the fullest and never regret what you do!!!
    good answer Shawna!!!